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A Sad Day...

Hi Everyone,

I've been wanting to hold off on announcing anything until I see
what happens with all of the CPSIA stuff...but right now things are
not looking good for Dream Carriers.

I can not afford to pay for the testing that would be necessary to
provide the Certificates that will be needed as of February 10,
2009. This being the case, as of now, I plan on closing January
25th, 2009. The reason for closing before February 10 being that
we are moving to WI, I need to get new licenses in the state of WI,
which I don't plan on doing until after February 10, & only if they
make some exceptions that would allow me to continue to stay in

So unless something comes out in the next 9 days that would
make "one of a kind" items exempt, I have no other option than to
close. :(

They have said untreated, natural fabrics are exempt, but that would
mean no prints on the carriers, no colors and i'd still have to test
the padding and thread, which I also can not afford to do. :( Plus
who wants an all white carrier. :(

It is such a sad situation for all of us hardworking WAHM's.

I'm still hoping something will change. And if and when it does, I
do plan on re-opening. But until then I have no other choice but to
close for business.

Thank you to all of you for your support! I really have enjoyed
these last couple years & wish I could continue for years to come!

Take care!


Dream Carriers
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